Friday, October 15, 2004

Lazy Baby filled with Beans

I found this little cardboard heart in my car the other day. Seeing as I have three little girls, it likely fell off some doll that we purchased a while back.

Still, the title of the doll amused me, and I find myself using this sentance in regular everyday discussion:

"So, did you watch the debate on TV?"

"Nah, I'm just a lazy baby filled with beans."



Don Snabulus said...

I posted here.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Why not?

Actually, I can't help wondering: wouldn't a lazy baby filled with beans eventually wind up being a lazy baby filled with gas? But then it would probably become a screaming baby filled with gas. What next? A screaming baby cutting cheese? And after that a smiling baby smelling funny?

Hey, that's a good name for a rock band! Or maybe it would be a good opening line for a poem:

Smiling baby smelling funny,
Tides of future flowing, uncertain,
Seeking the hazy blur of comfort,
Hands of love,
Fire and ice,
Doused with Rose Milk,
Lazy and full of beans.
Who cut the cheese?

ladybug said...

I love that, I will be using that phrase on our "Bean"

Pa've said...

Hi Dewkid! I don't know beans, but I just figured out what a blog is, and its a lot more fun than a web site, all though I am doing both. Like you, I got started rather inadvertently, then realized what a stupendous idea it is. You may remember me from a former life.

Pa've said...

Oh, a clue, OK, I drove a big brown station wagon, Rob D. called it the beaner wagon. Pa`ve, which came to me via my brother in law Brian derived it from my name DAVE which he then substituted the letter "P" hence Pave, which was further elaborated on by my sister Susan's sister in law Lori and became the now famous Pa`ve. You may remember Susan, I think you went out with her? You may not recognize me in the same way I almost didn't recognize you, but when I went to your web site I figured out who you were, plus you were on Don's blog, do you still like DEVO?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have to 2 lazy baby dolls, a black girl and white boy (they are sooo cute) Im 26 now, but I got my first one when i was 19. My mum brought her back from Savannah Georgia (I live in Manchester, UK)
The second one (Dale) I bought him from Toys R Us. They both sleep in my bed. Lol. Sadley I'm attached to the. They are my friends xxx

DewKid said...

Wow, an old post, and still have a reader! I'm glad you love your lazy baby filled with beans. I mean, what's not to love!

Thanks for dropping by, Anony Mouse!