Monday, September 12, 2005

One Week Away!

Listen ye skalliwags, me favorite day is approachin' quick (barely half-a-fortnight!), and I expect this here ship to be ready. Swab the decks, and fly the Jolly Roger, 'cuz we've got ships to scuttle, and grog to swill! Arrrrr!!!

Just got these TLAPD pointers from Cap'n Slappy, and Ol' Chumbucket themselves:

* Aaarr! – Intersperse it into your conversation to add a patina of pirattitude! But remember – A little Aarrr! goes a long way.

* Me hearties – When all else fails, throw "me hearties" into any conversation. "Fill it with unleaded, me hearties!" "The doctor will see you now, me hearties!" "I'll have a pepperoni pizza with anchovies, me hearties!" See? You sound just like a freebooter fillin' his tank, or visitin' the doctor or whatever!

* At work – Don't answer the phone, "Hello? This is marketing ...." or whatever department ye work in. Scrunch up yer face and bellow into the blower, "Ahoy ye scurvy dog! How can I scuttle ye today!"

* At school – yer teacher is cap'n, yer principal is Admiral Wobblebottom, the class is yer crew and lunch is prepared in the galley.

* At parties and buccaneer bashes all weekend long – Make yer entrance to the cry, "Boarders away!" and make sure that any lubbers there know exactly who has the pirattitude and who doesn't.

* Where ever you are – Start the day by sending everyone you know a hearty "Aarrr!" in their e-mail or by phone. Ye'll feel better for it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane Support at Walmart

I figure its worth breaking my "DewKid Blog" silence for this:

I heard this morning that WalMart was accepting donations for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. You can go into any store, and donate money at any cashier.

Red Cross could always use the help too.

I'm looking at pictures of the damage and flooding in New Orleans: Oh My God. Lets all come together to help our fellow Americans in this time of crisis.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

... and thus the end

I haven't posted in a long while, and probably wont again. I'm tempted to delete this blog altogether, but I'm hesistant to do so for some reason.

Instead, I encourage you to visit my other, much more active blog: RealmSpeak.