Saturday, June 21, 2008


I don't know who Julie is, but this video probably doesn't look anything like her:

All I know is, this is the weirdest thing I've seen on You-Tube for a long time. For some reason, it makes me laugh more and more every time I see it, just because it is so WRONG!!!

(oh, don't ask me why the author of this perverted video tweak chose to use a dog barking as the soundtrack, but it definitely adds to the creepiness!)

WARNING: I would strongly recommend AGAINST watching the "suggested" videos that follow the video above. They show a bunch of deformed people and babies in an unfriendly light. I almost didn't post this video for that reason alone, but since the "Julie" video is not real, figured I'd be okay as long as I posted a special warning. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Dave said...

I'm not even going to watch the video. YUCK! I need to sleep at night!

DewKid said...

That's your choice. Just to clarify: the video above is NOT a deformed person. Rather it is something created by taking a persons face, and tweaking it with video editing tools. This was probably made by a 14-year old.

Anyway, it was strange and not unlike the Crazy Frog videos, quite amusing.

DewKid said...


Crazy Frog

That's ONE of them: There's probably like 30-40 videos of Crazy Frog out there.

The Moody Minstrel said...

You mean that isn't part of a DEVO video?

DewKid said...

She IS a mutato!