Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Truck of Doom

Here's a video I made today as my carpool passed by the Truck of Doom:

This behemoth of a truck has 192 tires and is 399 feet long. It is carrying a 380 ton piece of the San Onofre nuclear reactor. The electric company is moving this piece to Utah, where it will be stored.

Apparently, it will be moving right through the middle of Temecula, CA sometime tonight. This is a video I took of it parked just outside of Temecula at the Border Patrol station.

The truck IS radioactive: apparently standing next to it for an hour is equivalent to a dental x-ray. Let's hope they get that thing in and out in a hurry.

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Update 8/4/2011

This monster is now parked IN Temecula:

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Don Snabulus said...

Radioactivity aside, that is a HUGE piece of equipment to move. With that said, it will be nice to have it out of the area. Nice vid!

DewKid said...

An even better video: