Friday, August 08, 2008

Eight Eight Eight

Eight. My favorite number since my neighbor told me his was Seven. I didn't want to copy him, so I decided that Eight would be my favorite. After all, it's snowman shaped, and I like the snow. It has no sharp edges, matches the number of bits in a byte, is 2^3 (both prime numbers), and is the total number of fingers most people have on their hands (not counting thumbs, of course). The can of Mt. Dew I'm drinking right now has 12 oz, but it's my second can, so I've nearly finished 24 oz, which is 8 * 3.

Today is August 8, 2008, which can be correctly described as "eight eight eight", which means today should be my most favorite day ever. Hmmm, nothing special about today, except maybe that the Beijing Olympics is starting. Google has a neat graphic to commemorate this fact:

I'm working from home, which is always nice (I eat lunch with my family, instead of in my never-the-right-temperature office). I fixed two software bugs already this morning, and I'm on the verge of fixing another. Isis stock price is up 8% (well, 8.25% to be exact), and that would be nice if I had shares to sell. Still, it means the company is doing well, and that's good for job security.

I hear a lot of people are trying to have their babies or get married on 8/8/8. There are those that are even shooting for 8am or 8pm, as the recorded time for the event, so that they can be 8/8/8 @ 8.

For me, 8 is still just my favorite number, and no, my ATM PIN is NOT 8888.


Don Snabulus said...

Just don't play Crazy 8s with Henry the VIII. He cheats.

ladybug said...

It was my b-day on 8/ "I'm getting a kick out of..." something...

DewKid said...

Happy B-day, Ladybug!! I *knew* this day was special! :-) I hope you had a good one!

For myself, the day turned out better than I expected. I got to see the new Batman movie, which was great (gr8?) I ate (8?) Chicken Parmigiana at Johnny Carino's, which is like my most favorite meal ever. We finished the night off playing NeverWinter Nights (my favorite computer game ever) on our new Dell desktops.

Yes, it was an awesome day.

Some giant lizard said...

I 8 New York.

Or was that Tokyo?

The Moody Minstrel said...

8/8 is also the day that the "Fat Man" plutonium bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.

Interesting that my (American import) Star Wars art calendar has Hiroshima Day marked but not Nagasaki Day. Then again, the nearby Japanese calendar has neither of them marked, so what gives?

8 is usually pronounced "hachi" in Japanese, which sounds the same as "bee" or "wasp". Watch out that you don't get stung! Then again, using a different kanji, "hachi" can mean "pot", "bowl", or "brainpan" (i.e. the upper part of the skull). Watch out that you don't get cooked or fry your brains!

8 can also be pronounced "ya", which in the vernacular is kind of like saying "howdy" or "what's up". It's a very sociable number, but in a casual sort of way.

In Mandarin Chinese 8 is pronounced "ba", which sounds the same as "fortune". Hence, it's a very lucky number in Chinese culture.

Coincidentally, in Zorlan Standard "8" is pronounced "ha", though with a much more gutteral, fricative sound (like a German ch or Spanish x).

8 is "nik" in Yangae, "kr'siel" in Her-Galad, "it" in Eean, "han" in Biton, "hann" in Brekka, "nomi" in Somekh, "mei" in Shakka.

Does any of this matter? Probably not.

DewKid said...

The "eight" language trivia actually fits in quite well here, thanks!

Shakka hann?
Shakka hann?
....Shakka hann?