Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jony is Online!

When my brothers and I grew up, we spent many hours playing with our stuffed animals. We gave each of them names and unique personalities. One of the longest lasting personalities among our animals, is an old "Smokey the Bear" stuffed toy named Jony.

Jony, the son of Smokey the Bear, was an inventor, entrepreneur, wizard, and all around wise guy. He had the ability to be anywhere, anytime, and always has plenty of cash on hand. A lot of things happened to this bear during our lifetime. His body got so worn, that my mom decided to make him some new clothes: new blue jeans, and a silky red shirt. At one point, he "died" and my brothers buried him in a shoe box in the back yard. A week later, they decided that he hadn't really died, and dug him back up. When my youngest brother got married (it was his bear), my wife and I made him a little tuxedo, so he could attend the wedding.

Anyway, we still talk about Jony, and he still has a place in my brother's home. Recently, Jony started a MySpace page, complete with pictures of Jony in all sorts of situations. If you don't have a MySpace account, you can't view them, but here are a couple of examples:

(PS - I just checked, and it does appear you can view the pictures without an account now... weird)

Jony has even appeared on YouTube, recently. If you haven't seen the original (not-original?) Jeff Peckman alien video, see it here:

Wait, what was that? An alien? A puppet? Look again with the colors enhanced:

Hey, it's just our lovable old Jony! Hey Jony!


Don Snabulus said...

I raise a cup of fruit tea to Jony!

ross said...

Jony will out live us all!

The Moody Minstrel said...

The second video is dead...

The Moody Minstrel said...

Wait, it came back when I refreshed the page. What IS going on here???!?