Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grocery Ninja Update v.

Just updated Grocery Ninja to fix a couple of bugs, and add more Ninja sounds. Also, there's a new feature to allow you to confirm your voice entry items before they are finalized to the list.

BTW: the new update may "expose" some empty list items at the bottom of your grocery list.  Don't worry:  they're harmless! These empty items were being created as a result of a bug that I just fixed, so they shouldn't happen anymore. Hopefully you don't have any, but IF YOU DO, just go ahead and delete them. I've been using the app for over a month now, and only had 5 of these blank entries, so it shouldn't be too big a deal to clean up. Sorry about that!


Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Can I ask you to add one (really useful feature)?
The thing is that my shopping list became quite a long one and it is difficult to find some things.
For example, I can never remember whether I entered chopped tomatoes as "Chopped Tomatoes" or "Tomatoes (chopped)" or "canned chopped tomatoes", etc.

Is it possible to add search-as-I-type feature or is it too much of an effort?


P.S. The blog system doesn't like mine Wordpress ID for some reason, so can't use it.

DewKid said...
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DewKid said...

Not a bad idea. I have the same trouble. Was it Cat Food (dry) or Dry Cat Food.... :-)

I'll add that to my issue tracking database:

DewKid said...

In case Pofigist is still watching this blog entry, the feature you requested is in the latest release of GroceryNinja (