Friday, February 03, 2012

Grocery Ninja Aisle Sorting

I received a 1-star review on this app recently that read:
The main feature that I was looking for is the ability to sort by aisle number. It has the feature, but the feature doesn't work. It just won't sort. (yes I checked off sort by aisle.)

Since there is no way to really respond to a comment (except to submit a review), I figured I'd attempt to address it here.  First of all, it does work in my hands, and on all the devices I've tested.  I suspect this user is doing something I didn't expect when I designed this feature.  Rather than guess what might be wrong, I'll detail how this feature works in case this user ever looks here for more info:

  • Setup a store by adding a store, and adding a list of aisles (either manually or using the in-app generation feature)
  • Organize the aisle order by clicking and dragging items into place
  • Create your grocery list
  • Assign a location to each item that doesn't already have one by long-clicking, and choosing from the list of aisles
  • Verify that the "Sort by Aisle" option is checked under settings.
That's it! If you've done this, and it still isn't working, I'd love to hear from you. If there's a problem with this feature, the only way I can fix it is by hearing from you.


DewKid said...

Ah-hah! Did find a sorting bug, after all, and this may relate to what the user was seeing.

Apparently, items that have no location in the store sort at the same level as the first aisle, which is very confusing. Easily fixed, and will come out shortly.

U@T. said...

this was helpful. It is not intuitive to long-press items to connect them to aisles.

The voice recognition software has some problems with some food items (feta was translated to fat ass). Maybe high probability food items could be prioritized. More people want to buy feta than fat asses.


DewKid said...

LOL - I don't have a lot of control over the voice recognition software. It uses whatever is on your phone. I think you can find and download different voice recognition software, and Grocery Ninja will use that instead.

Dale in New York City said...

Just downloaded the app and am liking it a lot, BUT need a way to edit the stores. I accidentally created a duplicate aisle name, and now can't delete it without deleting ALL the aisles. Same if I make a typo or other error.

DewKid said...

You should be able to edit. Try this:

1. Launch Grocery Ninja
2. Click "My Stores"
3. Click the store you want to edit
4. Click the aisle you want to edit or delete.
5. Edit the aisle name and press save, or just press delete to remove the aisle.

Also, you can rearrange the aisles by click-hold and drag.